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“Ali’s Marketing Masterclass” – A FREE class by phone with entrepreneur mentor Ali Brown

Hi everyone, just wanted to share this message from my own
business mentor Ali Brown.

Ali says, “Somewhere in our home offices, there’s likely sitting a long-forgotten item collecting dust. And when my team and I started using it, it increased our coaching & training sales to RECORD levels (and our member retention too).”

Want to know what Ali and her team used, how they used it, and how you can experience the same results?

Ali will reveal this strategy and more on her FREE “Marketing Masterclass”, happening this THURS. 10/3. Register here:


The First (and Next) Question Every Nonprofit Should Ask

Once a nonprofit knows what they are ultimately trying to accomplish, there are three critical questions they must next ask.

A thoughtful perspective on what matters for nonprofits.

Retirement Myth #13 – The End of My Contribution

For high-powered business leaders, retirement feels like the end of their useful life and contribution. After a career of accolades, it seems that nothing can compare with that type of success. The truth is that there is a long list of highly successful business executives and visionary leaders who…

Four charts that should scare the nonprofit sector

In the weeks since our Tumblr “When You Work at a Nonprofit” has taken off, we’ve received many thanks from tired and frustrated nonprofit staffers, as well as a few responses with familiar sound bites we often hear in the sector: “But nonprofit has so many other rewards,” “It’s so much more meaning…

Yes the nonprofit sector has benefits beyond the financial compensation. But is that really adequate? Do we expect miracles by making a minimal investment in social issues?

Minority Women Entrepreneurs: Go-Getters Without Resources

African American and Hispanic women are three to five times more likely to start a business than their white counterparts–but do they have the same supports?

An important article from Forbes on the many faces of the female entrepreneur.

Retirement Myth #12 – Managing Time

Time is an interesting thing. Have you noticed that there is always either too much time or too little time? Rarely do we ever feel we have just enough time. Anyone you ask would tell you that we are immersed in time and yet some scientists tell us that time does not exist, it is a […]