Finding Meaning


purposed (Photo credit: frances bell)

I recently ran across this wonderful Harvard Business Review blog post by Umair Haque.  His insights help to illustrate a few key principles.  We find our purpose in the road less traveled.  Most of us spend our days trying to walk in the paths of others.  We want the things somebody else has.  We look at the self-help guru and want his charisma.  Or we look at the billionaire and long for the yachts, cars and homes.  Or we look at the self-made entrepreneur and covet her success.  When we are so focused on others and their lives, we lose the ability to present in our own lives.

It is in engaging in our current circumstances, that we are able to find purpose.  Seeking meaning in our lives is a little like connecting dots one-by-one to reveal a picture.  Although bits and pieces of it may come to us in an instantaneous revelation, the truth is that finding our purpose is a process.  It unfolds before us minute-by-minute and day-by-day.  Just when we think that we have a handle on our purpose, a new facet of our life’s work is uncovered.

Haque reminds us that we do not have to chase our purpose.  It will find us, if we take the time to engage in the deeper conversation.  It is revealed to us in the things we are passionate about; the things we love and the things we despise.  In the end, our legacy has both an intentional and a spontaneous aspect.  It is a powerful thing to set our intention to do something but it is in the doing of that something that our true legacy takes shape.

To Your Best Life


How to Let Your Purpose Find You – Umair Haque – Harvard Business

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