TED Talk | The Way We Think About Charity Is Dead Wrong – Dan Pallota

We are so excited to share this awesome TED Talk.  Dan Pallota challenges our perceptions of what it means to be a charity which are causing our nonprofit sector to underperform relative to the actual potential in the sector.  If we are serious about creating the social change we desire, we have to start with changing our mindsets.

We have to shift our focus from the cost to the impact that social programs are making.  Effectiveness and success cannot be measured by the percentage spent on administrative expenses.  We have to reward risk taking.  Major achievements can only be made when we reach beyond what is known.  We have to attract the best intellectual, technology and financial capital to the sector.  Bootstrapping it will never transform poverty to abundance.

We are certainly on board…  Do not miss this.

“Our generation does not want it’s epitaph to read, ‘we kept charity overhead low.’  We want it to read, ‘we changed the world.'”

– Dan Pallota

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